Cycling Safer in Kapiti

cycle hook turnKapiti Road “hook turn” Lego  display at library

With the Kapiti Road/Milne Drive/Te Roto Drive intersection nearly complete,  a  cycling safety “Lego man” display and video is now set up in the  Paraparaumu Library.

This will give cyclists a head start in understanding how to safely perform the new “hook turn right” manoeuvre.

Making the hook turn t o the right

The KCDC says the hook turn involves the cyclist moving into a safe bay at the left of the road, which activates a detector.

This initiates a change in the signals, giving the cyclist a green light to cross safely into the right-turn lane.

The Council says  final move in the turn is when the cyclist, now in a specially designated right hand lane section, gets a green arrow to proceed

  • into Te Roto Drive (if coming from the direction of the town centre),
  • or into Milne Drive (if coming from the direction of the beach).

It suggests cyclists take the time to pop into the library and check out  the display, which is built to scale and features familiar buildings and a variety of vehicles on Kapiti Road.

‘The display was  created by the Council’s Lego genius Jake Roos.  Running behind the display is the video, which was produced by a talented team of Kāpiti College students, headed by Mason Packer and Dylan Thomas, under the guidance of their teacher Alouis Woodhouse.

Check out the video here: