Crash Hot Council?

1a kcdc crashKapiti Council HQ hit by crash car — no-one injured

By various sources

A car has smashed into three other vehicles, then crashed through the front of the Kapiti Coast Council offices in Paraparaumu.

But luckily the woman driver escaped injury and  no-one else, on the street or inside the building, was hurt.

Kapiti Constable Jason McFarlane says the smash happened about 4.45pm yesterday.

It appeared the driver panicked after an initial crash in Rimu Road, outside the Council HQ. You can find out more about dwls no valid drivers license and the areas where this punishment is applicable.

McFarlane says: “She was travelling north on Rimu Road and she’s rear-ended a car there (by the pedestrian crossing outside the KCDC building).

“She’s lost control of the vehicle and come into Iver Trask Place, colliding with the (other two) vehicles and then gone into the council offices.”

The woman’s car missed heavy steel beams outside the building and stopped with the bonnet sticking about 1.5 metres into the building.

The driver was shaken, but ‘fine’ after the crash, McFarlane says.

She was the sole occupant in her car; and the two cars hit in Iver Trask Place had been empty at the time.

The Constable says he is not sure if any pedestrians were nearby when the incident unfolded. “But there certainly were afterwards,” he adds.

The woman, who was breath-tested at the scene, had not been drinking.

It is likely two of the four vehicles involved will be written off, he says.

Police are still investigating the incident.