Poem of the Week: Rainy Day

In theory, today is the  first day of Spring. However, there is no sudden change of temperature to mark its arrival, but no doubt the new season will bring rain to help the buds and shoots that are already appearing.

It’s definitely time for Julie Leibrich’s highly appropriate September sonnet.

The lives I might have known 

By Julie Leibrich

I think we all still the child we once were within us.

Sometimes it is important to listen to that child.




Sometimes, I think of lives I might have known.

I still see streets I ran down in the rain,

chasing rainbows far away from home,

as if my time would never come again.


I walked into my life without a glance,

following whatever seemed most kind.

I didn’t choose. I took the path of chance.

I don’t remember making up my mind.


The girl inside, the one who raced down streets,

asks me if I found her pot of gold.

‘Perhaps’ I say. In silence, our eyes meet.

She takes my hand. I know I’m getting old.


A rainy day. Today, I’m feeling sad.

Sometimes, I think of lives we might have had.


Julie Leibrich