Craft Work of the Week: Jill’s Quilt

Quilting for the grand kids

Jill Hammonds

I first started quilting in 2013 when our first NZ grandchild was being developed.  Our first three grandchildren are American citizens living in Paducah,Kentucky.

This city is known for its quilting guild and has a wonderful quilting museum which I have visited on a couple of occasions.

When each of the children were christened, the ladies from their church present the child with a quilt.

Our three grandchildren had always treasured theirs, so when our Kiwi grandchildren started to arrive, there was a need to provide for them also, so Granny Jill joined a quilting class with Diana Carroll over at the then Kapiti Bernina Shop in Raumati.

(Ollie got a tropical fish quilt, shown above. But what to do for Chloe?)

I wanted something interactive and interesting so decided on a house quilt with green walkway areas in between where I have appliquéd characters (cut from various fabrics) out enjoying the day.

Just as well I started early as it has taken many hours of fiddly “fancy” cutting of the many rectangles and triangles that then got sewn together into the 12” house blocks, and then joined to the green avenues after the appliquéing was done.

(Jill is a member of the local Quilters Guild. For more information see Kapiti Coast Quilters Guild )