Cr Scott Appeal in Sex Assault Case

The Court of Appeal has set a date just five weeks away for hearing Kāpiti Cr David Scott’s appeal against his conviction in a sexual assault case.

Last May, Councillor Scott was found guilty of indecently assaulting a KCDC staff member after rubbing his genitals against her. H was fined $1500.

Scott, 71, was charged with indecent assault after it was alleged he thrust his genitals against the staff member at a morning tea in 2017.  He pleaded not guilty.

The Appeal Court inWellington says the case is set down for Tuesday, April 9.

Key questions on the Scott case

  • KIN asked the KCDC whether Cr Scott continues to be paid his $35,342 a year salary, despite the fact he is not carrying out normal duties.

The Council says: “Cr David Scott is still a councillor and is continuing to be paid. He is on leave of absence while his appeal is outstanding.

  • KIN asked: What exactly is his status now? Does he get agendas and attend some meetings?

The Council answered: Councillor  Scott is on leave of absence while his appeal is outstanding. He does not receive Council agendas or attend Council meetings.

  • KIN asked: is he still carrying out his other duties as a councillor?

Answer: “Councillor David Scott is on a leave of absence while his appeal is outstanding”.

Report on the case last May

Scott was found guilty in May last year, following a trial at Wellington District Court.

KCDC Civic Building where the tea room incident was reported to have taken place

Scott had pressed himself against a Kapiti Coast District Council employee at a morning tea following a council meeting in April last year.

During the trial, Scott’s penis was measured by Doctor Bernard Cammick to determine if it was the same length as what the victim felt pressing into her.

The measurement was suppressed.

In her closing address to the jury, Crown prosecutor Kate Feltham said it could not have been Scott’s wallet the employee felt, because he kept his wallet in his right pocket not the left, which is the area in which the complainant said she felt the penis.

It took the jury three and a half hours to reach its verdict.




I have not received a cent since trial. The council spokesperson is lying yet again.
The lawyers bill for me to protect my good name and reputation and prove my innocence is over $30000. – all my life savings and 25 years teaching mostly in Porirua.
It was trial by media.


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