Council Bores Again?

Waikanae River P1120320Kapiti running out of drinking water from the river

By Alan Tristram

With low water levels in Waikanae River, and minimal rainfall forecast this weekend, the Kapiti Coast Council may have to supplement the water supply for Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati with bore water next week.

But the good news is Kapiti consumers are using water sparingly.

“Demand is relatively low at around 17 to 18 million litres per day, which shows people are making an effort to reduce the amount of water they use,” says Dave Bassett, Council’s Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Manager.

“The less water we use, the lower the amount of bore water we will need to add to the water supply,” he says.

“If we do have to supplement our supply with bore water, people should avoid washing their windows or cars, as the extra minerals in bore water may leave white streaks on the surface. 

“Bore water can also leave scales on jugs after it has been boiled and the sound of bore water coming up to boil is noisier than that of river water.”

The Kapiti Council says it will advise people next week if bore water has been turned on.