Council bans ‘political’ advertising

Well-known author Judith Bryers Holloway is protesting through the Kapiti Independent about the “incredibly stupid, uneducated, anti-democratic policy instituted by the Horowhenua District Council in banning all ‘political activity and advertising’ in our publicly-owned library.”

Horowhenua District Council HQ in Levin — home of democracy?

She says: ” I found this out this morning when I asked if I could place an invitation to all and sundry to come to a ‘Rose Garden Party Celebration’ at the home of Di Buchan (author of the history of the Otaki Children’s Health Camp) on the noticeboard of Te Takere, the Levin public library.”

Labour Party function

Ms Holloway says she mentioned that it was to be run by the Otaki branch of the NZ Labour Party.

 ‘No,’ I was informed by one of the ladies at the Information desk, ‘ the Council has banned all political advertising in the library.’ 

Judith Holloway says: “I am astounded that any library in the democratic world would even think of imposing such a ban.

“I am pretty sure it is quite illegal. 

“I can just imagine what would happen if some crazy Council tried to ban such advertising in a public library in France…there would be a riot.” 

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