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Keeping KIN going and honest in 2016!

whareroa-horsesKIN prides itself on maintaining its independence, covering a wide range of topics and often challenging so-called conventional wisdom.

But we can’t continue to function without you folk out there who are specialist columnists, occasional contributors, comment makers and regular readers. Sincere thanks to all of you!

During 2016, we have expanded – taking on new columnists, covering a broader range of subjects and introducing regular weekly features.

KIN is a broad church

We are always happy to publish a wide range of views. For example we have had articles for and against voluntary euthanasia, in favour and against the Expressway. Obviously we reserve the right to edit and format material received, to ensure that it is presented in the best possible way.

food-for-thought Our FOOD FOR THOUGHT columns are our editorials, designed to get people thinking and hopefully feeding back to us.

Obviously there are going to be different views and reactions and that is a vital and healthy component of a free fourth estate.

We are concerned about getting accurate messages out there, so are not afraid to publish articles and letters that the mainstream media won’t touch.

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the functioning of KIN by sending in comments. Often your thoughts encourage other people to put fingers to keyboard!

Taking a stand

During 2016 we have

supported: raising the minimum wage, the white peace poppy, a New Zealander emphasis on Waitangi Day, the Kapiti Expressway, the right to die with dignity, recording Council public forums, Palestinian independence, humility in sport, clean water, possums, freedom in disposing of ashes, keeping two local papers, Scott Watson, press freedom, sensible conservation  ….

opposed: the honours system, 1080 poison, a new flag, the indefinite perpetuation of the Waitangi Tribunal, TPPA, tax cuts, dirty dairying and rivers, exotaphobia, TB Free NZ and OSPRI, Peter Whittall going free, privatization of public services, the widening income gap, the continuing buy up of NZ assets by China, Predator Free 2050, dishonest politicians …

encouraged and promoted: Poets to the People, Calligraphers of Kapiti, Friends of the Library, Kapiti US Marines Trust, Kapiti Women’s Triathlon, In the Footsteps of the Marines, Kapiti Basketball Association, Feather and Fibre, Parkrun, the Literary Festival, the 5km series, NZ School of Dance, Mulled Wine Concerts, UNICEF, Mary Potter Hospice, Kapiti Youth Support, Ali Harper, The Little Things, Coast, cartooning …

Regular features

We have now embedded


~ the Mid Week Quiz

~ Poem of the Week

~ Art Work of the Week

~ regular updates on Council news and issues.

Keep contributing, supporting us and spreading the word!

kinlogo_final-1We continue to exist because you people read our material, make contributions and comments, and tell other folk that we exist.

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