Community Centre Hit By Mould

Jeremy Smith reports the Te Newhanga Community Centre in Paraparaumu is leaking and will need remedial work after mould spores were discovered in the walls.

Quoting the Kāpiti Coast Council (KCDC), he says the Stachybotrys spores could affect people with low immunity or are already unwell.

One report says the faults could cost well over a million dollars to repair.

But the Council says there are no spores in the air, unlike the Waikanae library which had to be closed immediately.

Centre will stay in use

People who are using the Paraparaumu centre will keep doing so, while the council decides what remedial work is needed at Te Newhanga.

KCDC manager James Jefferson

Air testing was completed this week.

Council manager James Jefferson say if any centre users do have to move, council staff will help them find alternative venues.

Council role

KCDC took over day-to-day operations at the centre last year to get the building up to standard before it awards a new contract to a service operator.

Mr Jefferson says the KCDC will continue regular tests on the walls to deal with what it calls “weather-tightness issues”.

The former Waikanae Library, closed late last year aftere the discovery of toxic mould in the building and the book stocks

And KCDC Partnerships Manager Janice McDougall says it is clear the council will be managing the centre for longer than originally intended.

In Waikanae, the library will move to the Artel gallery next month.

The current owners of the gallery have relocated their business to Otaki.

Correction Martin, finishing the contractual relationship with the Trust was over a number of complex issues, including the ability of the Trust to even remain financially operational. Council decided to staff the center in-house for an unspecified amount of time after the contract ended. By all accounts this has been very satisfactory all round. But some major decisions are being made about the future of the building, and assisting those groups who wish to find another venue meantime. Arrogant? That’s just not very nice.

That’s an interesting Statement by Mr Jefferson. ” KCDC took over day-to-day operations at the center last year to get the building up to standard before it awards a new contract to a service operator”.
Martin Halliday was told by the Deputy Mayor Janet Halborrow over the weekend ( in a facebook exchange ) it was due to financial reasons ( this seems to be the view of our Councillors in general ). He is aware that The previous trust had been making the council aware of dampness etc for awhile …. nothing really done by council to address it then ( would be interesting to see the maintenance records over the past few years ) .
A question would be perhaps ” council would have been best to have worked with the established trust moving forward rather than moving then on “( without any real due process ) that is what collaboration is all about . They have been unable to find a replacement over the past 9 months although at the time it was their goal to be out within 3 months .
Is this another example of council arrogance whereby they reckon they can do a better Job than the community rather than working with the community for a solution …if one was even required .


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