Columnists of the Year (Contd)

From the heart of the old empire in London... to modern Berlin and Vancouver, KIN columnists cover the world
From the heart of the old empire in London… to modern Berlin and Vancouver, KIN columnists provide new insights. Photo by Nico Trinkhaus (c)


Tom Aitken
Tom Aitken

‘Tom, Eribert, and Harald’


By Alan Tristram

For the second article in this series, we look at three of our overseas correspondents whose writing enables us to provide coverage rarely seen in other epapers.

Tom Aitken reports from London

In the UK, for instance, we have long-time correspondent Tom Aitken, an expatriate Kiwi, who can turn his hand or pen to most things.

But he’s most at home with the arts, politics and religion (he has written a book on the history of the Salvation Army in Russia, for instance).

In addition, Tom’s late wife Ros also wrote for KIN — detailing her vivid experiences as she underwent  treatment for what turned out to be terminal cancer in a

Ros Aitken
Ros Aitken

busy  West London hospital. We honour her memory.

We linked up with Tom through our friend Mike Secker, the well-known Kapiti bus-driver and intellectual. Mike, like Tom, taught in secondary schools for many years.

They ended up teaching in the same high school in Taumarunui, then met again while teaching in the UK.

From Vancouver…with snow too

Unexpected snowfall blankets cars in Vancouver
Unexpected snowfall blankets cars in Vancouver

One of our newest correspondents is Canadian Eribert Loehner, who writes from Vancouver.

The Canadians have a lot to teach us; and Eribert will be a great asset for KIN.

Eribert Loehner
Eribert Loehner

His latest  message says — ‘Happy New Year … we have returned home only to be caught in a snow storm in Vancouver! Hope to start on my next article in the coming week. ‘

Eribert describes himself as ‘an amateur columnist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast.

He immigrated to Canada from Germany at a young age and has been a naturalized Canadian citizen since 1977. He’s an avid follower of Canadian politics and global issues that impact Canada.’

Eribert is also a fluent German speaker. He has a background in engineering and project management. Work in these fields has allowed him to travel extensively to different parts of the world and occasionally reside overseas.

‘Welcome, willkommen, Nau Mai.’
And in Berlin, Harald Daehne…

The historic Brandenberg Gate in Berlin
The historic Brandenberg Gate in Berlin. Photo by Nico Trinkhaus (c).

Lastly today — but certainly not least, is Harald Daehne, a correspondent who lives at the heart of European — and World — politics in Berlin.

Harald Daehne
Harald Daehne

Harald, who came from Freundenberg in Bavaria, works at a senior level in Berlin  for the German Government.

His interests are politics, government, music, travel, and — an important one this — photography.

( Incidentally, we met him through local Kapiti politician Guy Burns (deputy chair of the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board), whose partner Jutta is Harald’s sister).

Like most Germans, Harald is well-educated  — impressively so in fact, as he’s a Doctor of Law.

He brings a depth of knowledge and political insight from the key capital of  Western Europe.

‘Willkommen’ Harald!