Coastal Hazards Row

jackie elliottElliott claims KCDC facing huge costs over legal claims

By Alan Tristram

Kapiti mayoral candidate Jackie Elliott says the KCDC faces about $250,000 in costs defending the first case against their coastal hazard  lines on 1800 Land Information (LIMS) reports.

And Ms Elliott, who is also a member of the Otaki Community Board, points out  there are still 1799 cases to go.

Ms Elliott says regardless of the outcome of the first case, storms, erosion and accretion will occur.

However, she says, the outcomes predicted in the Council’s scientific report are not predicted for another 50 – 100 years.


For its part, the Kapiti Council says the 1, 800 properties include most beachfront properties. It says they’re at at risk of potential erosion or inundation from coastal hazards within 100 years. Up to 1,000 of these may be at risk within 50 years.

The council also says the new coastal hazard risk information will be included in Land Information Memorandums (LIMs) requested for affected properties.

Ms Elliott says:”The policy designed to stop future court action against KCDC has simply prompted that very action.

“It has failed and is one of the many decisions made by the current Council that must be reversed for the common good.”

says Ms Elliott.

‘Commonsense needed’

“What is needed is a commonsense, long-term approach to re assessing the risk, or lack of it and the immediate removal of the arbitrary lines off

the LIM’s that are based on controversial science.

“It is vital the science used by Council is accurate and verifiable. It was

an overnight decision by KCDC that placed the 1800 owners of the affected properties into a living nightmare.

“This can be quickly remedied and the removal of the lines is exactly what I will do when elected Mayor,” says Ms Elliott.


I reckon this is a scam to devalue the beach front properties for all the richlisters that are wanting investment in Kapiti.
With the aiport development, the national tourism drive, our proximity to wellington, Paraparaumu is becoming a desirable grab.
If 50 years our kids kids will be running the show.
If we think in 50 years there wont be a good solid retaining wall and a pier and possibly a marina somewhere, then we are stupid !, it would be much cheaper to build a retaining wall all the way along the beach than a new road !, and thats what would need to happen, one or the other or both if it gets left too long.
KCDC will be able to spend millions of tax payers money tossing this potatoe around. Again.

I agree in principal with you Jackie, but whether you are standing for the Mayoralty position or as a Councillor, remember, you are just one voice and things may not change that easily.
The decision by KCDC to incorporate the ‘worst case scenario’ hazard lines into the LIM’s of the 1800 properties they say are affected, has already caused irreversible damage for the owners. Who is going to pay for that?