Charities Do Well On Express Day

… (it) is a testament to the support that the Hospice has in the community and how much interest there is in the expressway. Phillip Harris, Mary Potter Hospice Senior Fundraiser

Generous public support

By Roger Childs

Crowds at the Te Roto Drive entrance

The forecast was not that great for Express Day on Saturday 18 February, but as it happened, there was no rain or wind. NZTA expected about 15,000 to take advantage of walking, running or cycling the new expressway, but in the end over 21,000 Kapiti people turned out.

Although there were plenty of things to spend money on at entry points off Te Roto Drive and Te Moana Road, people put their hands in their pockets and provided over $11,000 for the two designated charities.

Sharing the takings

Mary Potter Hospice and Kapiti Youth Support (KYS) were the two designated charities for fund raising on the day.

While KYS shook the tins at the Te Roto Drive entrance in Paraparaumu, the Hospice volunteers were on duty at the Waikanae end.

By agreement the total take was halved and each organisation took away $5,536.95.

The atmosphere on the open day was very positive, and as well as meeting and greeting plenty of people they knew Kapiti folk generously supported the two charities.