Bikers ride for the school

To update the junior readers can cost $3000 to $4000 alone, and there was 16 years’ worth of stuff in there. Paraparaumu School principal, Steven Caldwell

Supporting Paraparaumu School

By Roger Childs

Para School website pic Tragedy often brings communities together and so it has been following the devastating fire at Paraparaumu School.

There is plenty of fund-raising going on in the area as the school works to replace the classrooms and library destroyed in the recent arson attack.

Typical of the Kapiti community spirit is the bikeathon organised by the local cycling group the Kapiti Kruzers. Next Saturday at Coastlands the group will sweat it out for three hours to raise funds for Paraparaumu School.

The Kapiti Kruzers in action


We would really appreciate any support that can be given during our three hour spinning marathon that will be held on Saturday 23rd August in the main arena of Coastlands Mall. Richard van Eck, event organizer

The group would be delighted to have the support of the general public as they stamp away on the pedals of the stationery bikes. Cityfitness are providing the bikes from their ride studio.

People can sponsor particular riders or just donate as much as they wish.

Kodak Coastlands is one of many firms getting in behind the school’s recovery. They will happily do copies of any historic material related to the school’s 125 year history.

Donations can also be made directly online to ASB 12-3157-0122333-01

The learning goes on

 Principal Steven Caldwell has been overwhelmed by the community support following the fire. We’ve had people from 5 years old to 85 years old coming and saying We’re sorry because we used to go here…

Nearby St Patrick’s School has taken three classes and this will continue until the end of the term. It is hoped that by the beginning of the final term there will be five relocatable rooms on site at Paraparaumu School to cater for the displaced students.

New classrooms will be built  later in the year funded by the Ministry of Education.