Bianca and the Polls

biancabegovichA writer’s hopes for the Kapiti Coast– genuine consultation, less PR hype, a fair deal for all

By Bianca Begovich
Council election results are in.  The ‘winners’ are Ross Church, Gavin Welsh, Mike Cardiff, Diane Ammundsen, Jackie Elliot, David Scott, Tony Lloyd, Penny  Gaylor, K Gurunathan, Murray Bell and Janet Holborow.The poor voter turnout does not give this council a mandate to do whatever they like.At best we can accurately say that less than half of our community want these people to represent us.

Those who did vote presumably elected the council based on their promises if they are elected.

Our new Mayor Ross Church has repeatedly promised an open door with open and transparent leadership.

Councillor Gurunathan advocates likewise with a focus on reducing council bureaucracy.

Gavin Welsh and Murray Bell assure us they can achieve economic growth and fiscal responsibility.

Jackie Elliot has stated she is opposed to the river recharge scheme and David Scott has declared he will prevent the privatization of water.

Penny Gaylor, Diane Ammundsen and Janet Holborow want a district which will ‘work for young people.’

Tony Lloyd promises an extension of the commuter rail services to Otaki and Mike Cardiff promises a sustainable future for our community (although incongruously he is also ‘proud to be the only councillor who openly supported the expressway.’

These are some of the platforms that our new councillors have been elected on.  While there is little detail on how these promises will be achieved, it’s obviously a list that will benefit the Kapiti coast.

My hopes are that with this council we will get genuine consultation with the community, genuine opportunities to participate in community decisions, fair and just expenditure, less public relations hype and a fair deal for all sectors of our community.

I hope our community will be listened to and that council decisions will be based on well-balanced research as well as information from the community about our vision for this unique and special district.

I hope the decision-making process will be transparent, fair and unhurried.

I hope our council is made up of people who are willing to stand up for what they believe in and stand by the platforms they are elected on or who may change their minds based on new evidence but not because they are under political pressure to do so.

I hope we have chosen good leaders.  Only time will tell if this is the case or not.