Bernie Randall Recalls The Vaccination Passports Of Old

KIN’s recent story about Samoa’s new PM brings recollections from Kāpiti Councillor Bernie Randall of a visit to stay with friends in Apia.

It was at a time when New Zealand had an equivalent of the proposed Covid 19 passport.

This was stapled on the last page of the NZ passport (see photo).

It contained various stamps proving that you had been vaccinated against diseases lsuch as yellow fever, cholera and smallpox.

In those days health officers were generally stationed at airports to check passports of arriving visitors.

Samoa was no different and when Bernie handed over his passport for checking he was asked to step aside.

Fearing imminent arrest, his mind was soon put at ease when he was told that, as a public health officer, he would be given a grand tour of Apia.

And so it this took place.

Bernie says: “It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, visiting wet and dry markets, and various manufacturing plants.”

And he travelled in some style as the friends he stayed with had access to an American Oldsmobile belonging to a local politician. 

Oh dear, nothing like that for KCDC councillors now.

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