Beach Kiosk Threatened

best kioskResidents tell KCDC: ‘Save Our Kiosk!’

By Bernie Randall

“Our Kiosk needs saving”, is the cry from the community after KCDC proposed demolishing the kiosk at Maclean Park and filling it in with sand — notwithstanding the fact there is a beach full of it less than a 100 metres away!

The council paper to the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board on the Kiosk is an indictment of the way council staff avoid consultation.

The officers had hoped the community board would just rubber stamp it.

But this community board is made of sterner stuff. They rejected it.

 Then we have the unedifying spectacle of the Mayor riding to the rescue of council staff like a cowboy in a western movie just as the council paper is encircled by angry residents —  and speaking at the community board meeting as a concerned citizen claiming he knew a plumber and a builder who would repair the kiosk.

What is also amazing is the council paper negates its own recommendation namely that council can’t afford to fix the building.

Yet it has set aside $109,000 in its budget.  It would cost $60,000 to fix yet $110,000 to demolish the building and fill it in with sand.

The kiosk could be used as a drop in facility or providing information on Kapiti Island or even an i-site.

These options the council failed to consider.

The Kiosk has a long history of being occupied by Grey Power volunteers who presence has deterred vandalism and crime at MacLean Park.

 Meanwhile, Dale Evans a community activist is fully occupied collecting signatures to a petition opposing the removal of the Kiosk building.

Interesting that at a previous Council meeting the deputy CEO responded to a question on the defects of the kiosk and sighted deterioration of the the main bearers as a principal concern.

One must ask whether the vandalism which appears mostly to have caused smoke damage to the interior is indeed the cause of the deterioration of the main bearers , (now a principal justification for demolition) rather than neglect of on going maintenance and report under regular asset management processes?

One must also question why alternatives and other options were not included for consideration in the staff report other than the removal option. Why could the staff report could not await the report on the Kapiti Gateway/I-site considerations.

Why was no public consultation included in the staff report?
Why did it take public reaction to demolition to urgently encourage RPCB to undertake consultation after the release of the staff report.
Why does the mayor think this is satisfactory?
(‘We are consulting now’, ….not we were remiss in not engaging earlier as part of the process and it should have taken place?)
Way too slack in my view and perpetuates the notion that unless the community jumps up and down and threatens action and progresses with follow through Council just continue to ride roughshod over us due to some innate sense of superiority arrogance and self justification, assuming we will go away and be worn down, fed on information which at best is economical and at worst a misrepresentation!

To Mayor Church the public want openness and transparency and proper process including adequate consultation.

Council should learn to fail ‘Forward and Learn’ by its mistakes not keep perpetuating them.

Clearly a change in culture is required within KCDC and Council for matters to improve.

Who amongst the Councillors has the leadership (backbone and the balls) to effect this necessary change of culture?

Typical, I remember spackman when completing the old pier complex lobbying council to get rid of the “eyesore”.
Its an excellent building, perspex windows if I remember correctly ?, the police put a new roof on it, it was stained and painted only a couple of years ago and the new decks etc had stainless steel bolts and plates attached, for 60k you could make it an upmarket tourist chalet ! whats the 60k for ? couple a grand would tidy that place up easy !
As a community policing, I site, youth drop in, park and playground user facility, doc / island site,,,,,,,, stupid short sighted muppets in my opinion.
Just because they get rates why do they think they need to spend them ? people used to pay things off, save up for things and show common manners to those one worked for ! whats so hard about that ?
Sand !? hopefully this doesn’t get out in the wider population, embarrassing.

Who exactly is behind this? Who exactly is proposing getting rid of the kiosk at greater cost than renovating it? It would be helpful to know who to ask exactly. Faceless bureaucracy should be a thing of the past in the interests of promoting the promise of a more open and transparent Council.