Baking for the pangolins

Pangolins are probably the least known mammals in existence.

pangolin-baby-ride-300x206Working to save an endangered species

By Sarah Oliver

I am part of a group of year 13 social studies students from Paraparaumu College, who believe it is our responsibility to promote the social action of  protecting the pangolins. This endangered species is found most commonly in Africa and also in Asia where plenty of illegal trafficking takes place.

Fascinating creatures

Pangolins are very interesting creatures and are well adapted to living in the wild. They have very long tongues, which extend a foot from their pelvis. They use these tongues to lick up insects from between cracks in rocks, and act as a natural pest exterminator as they can eat around 70 million ants per year. So pangolins provide huge benefits for controlling the ecosystem.

Pangolin tongueSocial action to support the pangolins

Our bake sale was on Friday the 5th of September. There was a great turn out as we had lots of yummy bake goods ranging from chocolate truffles to a pangolin cake. All in all we collected $150 which was double the amount we thought we would raise.

As a result of the bake sale, we will donate all of the proceeds to an organisation called the IUCN/SSC (International Union for Conservation of Nature / Species Survival Commission).

At this website  Where “The PangolinSG is comprised entirely of volunteers – specialists who are dedicated to saving these remarkable animals – and relies entirely on financial support from private donors.”

The money we’ve raised will help go towards research on pangolins, education initiatives and rescue and rehabilitation centers.