Asher Wilson-Goldman Puts Voters Onto The Map

Asher Wilson-Goldman, a candidate for the Kāpiti‎ Coast Council, says a new online map makes voting for Kāpiti Coast District Council easy.

Kapit Coast District Council HQ

The new map has been released with the location and opening hours of the 43 different places Kāpiti‎ Coast residents can cast their vote this election.

Asher Wilson-Goldman, candidate for Districtwide Councillor, says he created the map after hearing that many people no longer knew where their local NZ Post box or shop was because of the many closures in recent years.
Postal services decline

“The closure of the NZ Post shop at Coastlands in late 2018 was just the latest move to reduce the public visibility of the postal service in Kāpiti‎,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman,

“Many people have told me they’re as confused by where they can vote as any other challenge to voting this year, so I’ve decided to make it easy for them.”

Kāpiti‎ Coast residents can visit to view an interactive map on their computers, tablets or mobiles, listing all of the local spots where votes will be accepted.
Voting details
Voting papers will arrive via post from September 20-25, and they must reach the Council office by 12 noon on October 12 at the latest to be counted. If you are posting your voting papers, you should do this by 5pm Tuesday 8 October to ensure they arrive in time.

From Wednesday 9 to Saturday 12 October, votes should be dropped off in person at one of the sites marked by a red star icon on the map.

“For some of our younger residents, this election could be the first time they’ve ever actually posted a letter, and any extra challenge could be the one thing that makes them decide it isn’t worth the effort.”

“It’s really important that everyone takes the chance to have their say this election,” said Asher Wilson-Goldman, “I hope this map makes things a little bit more simple and I encourage everyone to share it with their friends and family”.

Those who believe in the words of politicians are obviously either blind, deaf, stupid or all three at once. This has been proven time and again over many hundreds of years. It is nothing new and yet the sheep line up every three years to do the same old thing time and again.

Who wouldn’t want to disengage from these professional liars and their grubby ways Mr. Wilson-Goldman? I’d bet even money that all these local politicians and those who believe in them do not like the way Chris Walker lays it out but more often than not he gets it bang on. Should be an interesting exercise but not a lot will change but the personalities doing it to us. The present council culture is too well-entrenched for anything really democratic to happen. Good luck Asher because you and any other newbies are going to need some. Are you and all other candidates going to answer the three questions on this site that Chris has put?

Hi Asher. The half of voters you mention didn’t manage not to vote. They didn’t bother to vote which is a bit different. They didn’t because they don’t believe in the council which is down to the behavior of the council over many many years. You are standing because you think you can change that right? Maybe you can and maybe you can’t. I’ve seen them come and go for years and things haven’t changed much while I’ve been lookin’. The impossible can sometimes happen but not very often…

Kia ora Chris,

Thanks for your comment. I’m not saying that young people are too silly to find a post box, but what I am saying is that for people who are on the fence about whether or not they will vote, making it as easy as possible is critical. If you’ve got to find a post box, that’s an extra complication that could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

We know that under half of Kāpiti residents managed to vote in 2016. Given the change our district is already going through, we need to be doing everything we can to have an active population – not just voting.

As for the Waikanae library fiasco, that’s a sign of why we need to do better at holding our councillors to account, not a reason to disengage!


“For some of our younger residents, this election could be the first time they’ve ever actually posted a letter, and any extra challenge could be the one thing that makes them decide it isn’t worth the effort.”

Two points in this statement need clarification. The candidate doesn’t believe young voters can find a post box. And that young voters may decide voting is not worth the effort.

I can inform young voters right now that in my opinion at least voting has become an empty and worthless social act that voters still blindly choose to believe in. This has been proven time and again by the results and undemocratic behaviour of this and other Kapiti councils. The Waikanae library fiasco being just on in a long line of such situations…


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