Art Work of the Week: Explaining the Sun

Light and day

Maui and his brothers struggle to slow down the Sun God

For the vast majority of people on the planet, sunlight is a daily phenomenon.

And from the dawn of civilisation, human communities have tried to explain what happens.

The Ancient Greeks said it was Helios, with his Sun Chariot drawn by four white horses, who ensured that the sun performed its daily responsibilities.

For Maori, the sun went far too fast so the magnificent Maui and his brothers used ropes to slow Tamanuitera down.

As to the origins of the sun, First Nation people in Canada claim that it is Raven who should get the credit. He stole a great ball of light from an ill-tempered chief and ran off with it. As he was about to be caught he threw it into the sky.

However, the Ancient Egyptians had an interesting take on what actually happens. This wonderful rendition was crafted by Californian graphic artist Meredith Mustard.