Art Work of the Week: Deirdre’s Calligraphy

A wonderful calligrapher and tutor

By Pam Kessler

Deirdre Hassed is Melbourne based but is a New Zealander! Auckland born and bred, Deirdre lived and worked here until 1993. Deirdre conducts workshops in Australia and New Zealand and at the yearly Art in Action festival in England.

deirdre-exhibit-melbourne-img_0677Deirdre supports our club by

~ entering her work in our local exhibitions,

~ conducting workshops for us here in Kapiti,

~ keeping up to date with our events through our magazine

~ keeping in contact with club members.

Deirdre is a patient, kind, and gentle tutor who has the amazing ability to make students feel totally relaxed in her classes while at the same time inspiring them to achieve greater things in their work.