Are You A Poet And Don’t Know it?

‘Hello Poetry People’ from Gill and Elizabeth, KIN’s poetry people. They say:

This month is the time to celebrate poetry in a big way. National Poetry Day is today, August 24th.  And there’ll be lots of poetry features in the media.

Poets and poetry events will be seen around the country.

In Paraparaumu Library there is an Open Mic  from 5.30 – 6.30 pm — and the announcement of the winners of the recent haiku Poetry competition. All are welcome.

There will be a board in Hightide Café, Paraparaumu Beach, where you can add a line of poetry.

In many local cafes, you can pick up a poem to take home.

And for our next event at ‘Poets to the People’, on Sunday26th we have Anna Jackson as our guest.

Anna Jackson

Anna lives in Island Bay and is an academic and the author of several poetry books.

Here is an excerpt from Poetry Archive:  Jackson’s poems are enriched with an eclectic array of themes, most notably the domestic, familial, childhood, imagination, the creation and dissemination of oral narratives, and the symbioses between physical and psychological journeying.

Of Jackson’s poetry, literary critic David Larsen writing in The Dominion Post declares, “You could see these poems as bone carvings made from the remains of short stories: gripping narratives reduced to the purest, most elegant minimum.”

A reminder that Kapiti Independent News is running a bi-monthly on-line poetry competition, supported by Paper Plus.

Please look up this site: …And have a bit of fun entering. Anything we hear at the open mic each month is worthy of a prize, so go for it, everyone has a good chance!

This is the line-up of poets booked to read to us for the rest of the year:

September – Mark Raffils from Nelson

October – Richard Langston from Wellington

November – Fiona Farrell from Christchurch

Our events are always on the last Sunday of the month. Please mark your calendars.

See you on the 26th August (for Anna Jackson) at Hightide Café, 4 – 6 pm. $5 at the door.

The last meeting

‘It was fantastic to have so many attend our July event and Johanna Aitchison’s reading.

Johanna Aitchison

An ‘educated’ audience

She was delighted with the number of readers, the quality and range at ‘Open Mic,’ and very happy to have had such an ‘educated’ (her word) audience.

She explained that she sensed a real poetry knowledge, an enjoyment of words and ideas, and a connection – and this is a feeling that poets sometimes don’t have when they stand up to read.

Gill and I know how popular, supportive and welcoming our events have become, and it was no surprise to hear Johanna’s comments. We all enjoyed her visit and her original poetic voice – long live ‘Miss Dust’. So, thanks very much to everyone!

Happy writing and reading,

Elizabeth and Gill.

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