Appeal Against Expressway

Kapiti group to fight motorway decision in the High Court

By Alan Tristram

One of the groups fighting the Kapiti Expressway says it will now takes its battle to the High Court.

SaveKapiti  says ‘the game is not over,’ despite the Board of Inquiries recent approval for the Expressway plans.

It says it has just lodged an appeal against the decision of the Board’s Inquiry into the MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway.

“We believe that the Board has misunderstood and therefore misapplied the law around the baseline that the proposal should be considered against, says spokesman Mark Harris.

“In our view, the baseline should be the Western Link Road project. But NZTA has only assessed the Expressway against no road at all (otherwise known as the ‘do nothing’ scenario).

“The WLR had been consented and approved and was in the District Plan and should therefore have been considered as the existing environment.”

Mr Harris says this point of law is supported by the High Court decision in Queenstown Central Limited vs. Queenstown Lakes District Council (2006).

He says: “It is important because the benefits and costs of any project must be measured against the appropriate environment so they can be judged on their true merits.

“Measuring the M2PP against no road at all means that NZTA can claim benefits that would already have existed under the WLR.

“The expressway has fewer benefits at a much higher cost and, in fact, erodes some of the benefits that the WLR would have delivered. In addition, we would already have been enjoying the benefits of the WLR which was due to have been completed in 2012.”

I’m more worried about the High Court appeal won’t do anything as there is a lot of support with the road from some people in the Kapiti Coast and the Kapiti Council who were bullied by the government into accepting the proposal.

I hope the thing does not get built as I grew up in Raumati and went to the primary school there. If the only way to stop it is numbers. If the numbers are there to oppose it.

The deal is practically done and dusted. Accept it guys. The new road will benefit all of us here on the coast. I am tired of the traffic delays, our poor roads, and forever decreasing speed limits along the current SH1. Yay for progress.

Good luck to you SaveKapiti. Our community needs somebody to defend them against the bullies. It is like the so called consultation where the WLR was not even offered as an option.