‘Aotearoa Not for Sale’

Protest hikoi reaches Mr Dunne’s HQ in Johnsonville

By Alan and Helen Tristram

More than 40 protesters – including many Māori from Northland on the anti-asset sales hikoi– picketed near the Johnsonville offices of MP Peter Dunne today.

When we arrived at the first roundabout from SH1 into Johnsonville we could see a large group with colourful flags and banners lining the footpath past McDonalds, facing the electorate office of United Future MP Peter Dunne.

They told us they want Mr Dunne to use his ‘deciding vote’ in Parliament to defeat the Government’s asset sales leglislation.

Mixed group of Māori and Pakeha

The group, made up of Māori and Pakeha, handed out pamphlets, from ‘Peoples Power NZ,’ which state:

  • ‘Hey Mr Dunne,WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  • ‘Stop supporting the Government selling off our power companies.
  • 60% of voters opposed to power company sell off
  • If sold, power prices will probably increase
  • Privatisation of State assets makes them more open to foreign control

There was no sign of Mr Dunne, but a woman worker from the building housing his office was giving a young Māori protestrer, Shae Hartley, a hard time, telling her to go away.

Shae’s offence? — To kneel on the pavement and chalk a few messages to Mr Dunne, surely a harmless enough offence in a democracy when an MP isn’t present.

Shae (20) a social work student from Tauranga, said the purpose of the hikoi, which reaches Wellington tomorrow could be expressed easily in Te Reo:

  • Mana atua (spiritual authority)
  • Manawhenua (territorial rights)
  • Manatangata (authority derived from whakapapa)

The peaceful protest got plenty of toots of support from passing motorists – but  flak from at least one passer-by we heard verbally abusing a pakeha woman demonstrator.

Tomorrow they move on to gather at Te Papa at noon for the ‘Aotearoa Not for Sale’ hikoi march to Parliament.

Mr Dunne’s reaction

Later, Mr Dunne told us by email that he hadn’t met the protesters and was not prepared to meet them at Parliament either.

Mr Dunne says:

“In a free society people have a right to protest.

“As far as this group is concerned, my only comment is that I cannot take seriously any group headed by Mike Smith.

“In addition, I would make the point that thanks to UnitedFuture’s confidence and supply agreement, negotiated with National after the election, statutory caps of 51% on the minimum of the Crown’s ownership and a maximum 10% cap on individual or entity holdings would be introduced for the relevant state owned enterprises.

“These agreements were consistent in every regard with our stated pre-election policy, and will be part of the legislation to be passed by Parliament in the next couple of months.

“Given that ensures the Crown will retain control of these entities now and into the future, their claim that I am ‘supporting the Government selling off our power companies’ is as ignorant as it is fatuous.”











Everyone is delusional
The sell the assets crowd think there is a future worth investing in, and the don’t sell think there is a future worth investing in, or at least keeping the assets to offset future expenses etc.
When the dark truth is – There isn’t going to be a human survivable future full fucking stop ……………
Stop worrying about what the utter wankers in Wellington are doing, nothing they do will make the situation any worse or better. When we are in total societal breakdown, along the lines of say Dili when East-Timor went to crap, the only thing that will matter to you all is ‘were is my next meal going to come from, and I hope no one steels it from me.’

If you are unlucky enough to have children, then I suggest, as about the only ‘future proof’ investment, you spend as much time with them now, sort of like ‘time banking’, because a whole lot sooner than anyone can imagine, you and/or them will not be around.

I’m torn between laughing/crying at the people protesting anything/everything and the progress at any cost no matter what crowed. Including the Alex Jones nutters who think ‘they’ are going to control us, quite simply like I said above, it will be “I will do anything for food” or you will die.

All of the western population, and 6 out of 7 in the ‘east’ have to go before we see an “equilibrium” with the planet. And as we are now @ 396+ (CO2) and rising even that reduction in humans will do nothing to change what is already in motion.

Bitching about National/Labour is something to do, as long as you know it is futile, then I guess it fills in the day.

A poem for you ……

I can still remember the time before the crash
when we all drove around in cars and I had lots of cash
and anything I wanted, I’d just go out and buy
I’d even drive a mile or two – just to buy a pie

but then the oil wars started and everything collapsed
the supermarket shelves were stripped before a month elapsed
and people all turned really grim and gained a hungry look
we’d steal from anyone at all we’d kill for things to cook

and everywhere disease and grief and bodies left to rot
while gangs of grim and brutal men would kill and steal and plot
and people fled the cities and countless numbers died
and everything was so so bad not even mothers cried

our house was one of many then, a normal family home
but it was stripped and burnt for fuel when we had left to roam
and I remember mum and dad, my little sister too
but they were killed and eaten back sometime in ‘22

and now I know I’m dying, I’ve left no living heirs
nobody is alive to know there’s not a soul who cares
there’s only me so damned hungry I’m gnawing at the trees
there’s no-one left to kill and eat oh God please help me please

and as I stagger on and on through burnt and plundered homes
I see the the signs of rage and ruin and countless human bones
I hear the starving pack of dogs* that follow close behind
and I am now so close to death I hardly even mind

I fall and screaming dogs begin to rip and shred my life
my mind drifts back to days of oil and to my kids and wife
oh life was so so simple then and life was so so good
but all we had we wasted, we never understood

**** No – we would have long ago eaten the dogs****