Ants Attack Raumati South

Vicious Argie ants besieging residents’ homes and gardens

Residents Assocn. calls emergency meeting 

Raumati South residents are under attack from major infestations of vicious Argentinian ants, says Trevor Daniell, chair of the Raumati South Resident’s Association.

He says: “We’ve had numerous reports of major infestations of Argentinian ants — one of the most invasive ants in the world.”

There have been reports of ants infesting houses, overtaking gardens and in one case they were found in a dishwasher.

Mr Daniell says the ants travel in columns, 4-5 ants wide. They  scatter quickly when disturbed, but can run up humans’ arms and legs very aggressively.

He adds: “The only way to control this major threat to our lifestyle is to cooperate as a whole community.”

Residents meeting called

A meeting will be held 10am, Sunday 18 March, at the Memorial Hall on Tennis Court Rd in Raumati South to discuss the situation and make a plan to ‘knock back the ant problem in the area south of Menin Road, Raumati South.’

Mr Daniell says: “We are asking people to save small lidded containers, such as pill containers from the chemist; we will need hundreds.

“We are going to organise a workshop to show people how to prepare and turn the containers into ant bait stations.”

Argentinian ants attacking a native New Zealand ant

On the way back, we talked about the guiding. Attie asked me why I do not offer it publicly on my website because he really enjoyed it. It was exactly what he was looking for when visiting Switzerland. Getting him to the lesser-known corners of Switzerland and casting dries to eager fish in pristine nature. Although they were small, it did not decrease the pleasure of the experience. Furthermore, he liked having a guide with an affinity for photography who can speak English well.

There was a meeting/seminar in the Nelson area 3-4 years ago which was videoed and I have used what I learnt to ‘control’ ants on my property in Wellington. The ants aren’t Argentine, they are the white-footed ant.

The product on the third video called ‘X-it Ant’ from Key Industries is how I have got control. It is a non-repellent insecticide and video 3 explains why you need this rather than the repellent ones.

On the above site, scroll down to find ‘Video Seminar’ to see the three videos.

If the link above is too long, you can get there by using the following:

I hope this helps others.


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