Anti-Ant Zone In Raumati South

Michael Freeman and an Anit Ant boundary sign

“An ant exclusion zone has now been established in Raumati South” says Michael Freeman of the Raumati South Residents’ Association.

As the manager for the area’s ant eradication programme, Michael also organised a recent ‘ant baiting weekend.’

And the Kāpiti and Coast Independent says this project has been a remarkable example of community initiative.

In May last year, it was reported that ‘armies of aggressive Argentine ants had invaded the Kāpiti Coast, killing birds and climbing people’s legs.’

They are one of the most invasive ant species in the world.

The suburb was under attack from millions of the ants, who had spilled into houses and cars, said Raumati South Residents’ Association chair Trevor Daniell.

Control zone boundaries

Michael Freeman adds: “The

A thumbnail pic of the Argentinian ants

control zone is within an area bordered by Dell Road, Poplar Avenue, and includes a part of Queen Elizabeth Park in Raumati South.

“Within the zone, residents are working together; baiting sections to knock back the huge number of ants that exist.

Argentinian ant — one of the most invasive ant species in the world

He says: “We are pleased that a part of QE Park is being baited by Greater Wellington Regional Council to control the impact of Argentine ants. Hopefully, Kapiti Coast District Council will follow suit and allocate resources towards tackling the ant problem.”

“Our Association has recently carried out a research project and found 89 per cent of those laying bait could claim some success.

“A key finding of concern was that people are not coordinating and talking to neighbours; only 3 percent could confirm that their immediate neighbours baited. Neighbour engagement is critical, and one of the main factors whether baiting will be successful or not.

“With the cooler weather, ant activity will virtually cease as they hibernate.

Michael Freeman concludes by saying: “We are planning another ant baiting weekend for 19 and 20 October when the weather warms up. We urge householders to note this date, talk to neighbours and start planning their ant baiting.”

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