Another slip on Waterfall Road

Unstable banks

 By Roger Childs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe heavy rain overnight on Monday May 5 created another small landslide. Waterfall Road connects Emerald Glen Road with Valley Road and provides an alternative route to State Highway One, to and from Paraparaumu.

The unsealed surface, steep cliffs on the western side and a sharp drop to a stream on the eastern side make it a road to be negotiated with care. Last September a major slump of thousands of cubic metres of rock and clay closed Waterfall Road to vehicular access for several weeks.

The most recent slip is north of the area where the major slide occurred last year. However, the unstable banks remain vulnerable, as there is little vegetation on these slopes to hold them together. Furthermore the Monday night slump has left a small overhang of vegetation and roots.

The current situation

The road is open, but the section beside the slip is one way. Coming south from Valley Road there is a single sign warning motorists of a slippery surface. There should also be an indication that this section of the road is now one way.

There has been some minor erosion on the stream side of the road as well, but this does not affect access.

Waterfall Road needs to be negotiated with care, especially past the slip zone.