‘Animal Tales’

catsMari Housiaux presents a new series — ‘Animal Tales’

The noted Kapiti harness-horse trainer Mari Housiaux has joined the Kapiti Independent as a columnist.

Mari who lives on a property at Te Hapua, north of Waikanae, will be presenting a series called ‘Animal Tales’. Most of these captivating stories about a variety of animals were originally published in the Otaki Mail — and we think they’re well worth publishing anew on the Internet.

As an introduction to the series, here an animal poem by Mari titled, simply, ‘Cat.’

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Graur Codrin, FreeDigitalPhotos.net



By Mari Housiaux

A cat is a creature of elegant grace

With mystery written all over its face

Inscrutable eyes – a dignified air

 As it drapes itself over the very best chair

And commences the ritual cleaning affair


From its ears to its feet the process begins

A serious business – no hint of a grin

Ablutions are vital indeed to a cat

“Everyone knows I’m an aristocrat –

I don’t care who watches this personal act “


“My coat must be sleek – not a hair left unturned

With outward appearance I’m very concerned “

The process advances with plenty of spit

Artistically spread from nose to armpit

And contortionist skill becomes part of it


“Who needs a masseur when they own two soft paws

That reach into infinite places galore”

No fleas are allowed – so the scratches occur

From neckline to belly and under the fur

The music provided with very loud purr


The spare hair and debris are cast into space

And settle like gossamer over the place

On couches and mats to be shared later on

“The best suit will echo my grooming time song

Reminding my house guests that here I belong”


“And now with my ritual over and done

I’ll curl on the carpet and bask in the sun

To dream of tomorrow and wondering when

I’ll fit in my beauty routine once again. “