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The Editor’s introduction…

Kapiti Independent is starting an amazing new sports feature by Roger Childs this week.

It looks at sports stories so unusual, so unlikely and so, at times, preposterous that you will be re-telling them  to your friends for months to come! Here’s the first, from the annals of the beautiful game.

Ever seen a goal like this one (below)?

Possibly without parallel in soccer annals was the goal scored by Carlsson. Willy Meisl

By Roger Childs

Olympic Soccer imageThe place was London; the year 1948; the occasion the Olympic soccer semi final between Denmark and Sweden. These were the “austerity games”, so called because Britain was still on rationing after World War Two.

Soccer had been contested at the Olympics since Paris in 1900. Apart from two victories to Uruguay in the 1920s, European teams had dominated and Scandinavian teams were always strong.

So it was no big surprise to see Denmark and Sweden contest one of the semi-finals in 1948.  Down 0-1 Sweden equalised with one of most amazing goals in the history of the beautiful game.

  • a long ball was in the air heading for the Danish penalty area
  • Swedish centre forward Gunnar Nordahl was in danger of being offside
  • so he jumped into the Danish goal to avoid being penalised
  • inside right Garvis Carlsson headed the ball over the Danish keeper into the net
  • there it was caught by Nordahl.

It was one of the most original goals I have ever seen. Soccer writer, Willy Meisl.

Fortunately in these pre-television days the goal was captured on camera by Expressen from Stockholm. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Sweden won the match 4-2 and went on to win the final against Yugoslavia 3-1.