Airport ‘Crash’ Exercise

photo one -- firemen with bodyEmergency services rush to Airport to stage rescue from new disaster scene in bushdowned plane

Report by Alan Tristram; photos by Ian Linning (Primo Foto)

The Fire Service, Police, Ambulances, Civil Defence and Airport staff have staged an emergency rescue at Kapiti Airport at Paraparaumu — to make sure they’re ready for the real thing.

‘Exercise Avion’ involved a plane with five people on board, which supposedly crashed just after takeoff in a scrub area near Avion Terrace at the southwestern corner of the Airport.One passenger was reported killed, and two others  trapped inside the plane.

Two more ‘passengers’  were found nearby in a dazed condition. new 2 firemen heading inThe aircaft pilot had apparently walked off towards the terminal — and a Police dog handler was despached to crash search in scrub -- firemen track him down.

After the exercise and a ‘debriefing, the Kapiti Police Chief, Senior Sergeant Anita Dixon, said: ” This was Was a great exercise and things went well for all agencies — Police, Fire, Ambulance, Civil Defence and Airport staff.”

0Z4A7847AShe said Exercise Avion was born after the Airport Manager, Jason Russell, said he wanted to test  emergency procedures in the event of an incident at the airport.

Gary Johnstone, one of the Paraparaumu Fire Station Officers, arranged the exercise, with Kapiti Aero Club members acting as ‘victims’ and playing other roles.,

Snr Sgt Dixon said the debriefing identified several  issues  which may need working on.

She noted Kin photographer Ian Linning’s report that he was able to overhear police radio comms and know exactly what was happening — as well as the fact that (as his photos show) he can get close up shots from a considerable distance truck and rushing fireman

“This will be used in any future briefings I have for my staff at any major incident where media are likely to be present, she said.

And summing up, Senior Sgt Dixon added:: “A great exercise in all. It’s something that I imagine we’ll do on a regular basis to test all the emergency services and other agencies.”

crash -0- general -- firemen rush in