Action After Killings

Police crackdown with zero-tolerance for Kāpiti offenders

By Alan Tristram

Kāpiti Mana Police have just announced they are stepping up their patrols at night  in the Coastlands area of Paraparaumu with a zero-tolerance approach to weapons, drunkenness, and disorder.

“Anyone caught breaking the law can expect to be arrested and face a night in the cells,” they say.

The move follows two killings in the area late on Friday nights within a five-week period.

Kāpiti Mana Area Commander Inspector John Price says: “Kāpiti Police will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach to alcohol-fuelled violence on the Kapiti Coast in the coming days, weeks and months.

‘Even more highly visible’

“Part of that will mean an even more highly visible Police presence in this area. We will continue to take a zero tolerance approach to disorder, possession of offensive weapons and intoxication.”

And Inspector Price says that,despite media reports to the contrary, Police resources in the Kapiti Lights complex were bolstered following the death of 17-year-old Izak Millanta just over five weeks ago.

“Following Izak’s tragic death, local Police began discussions with Kapiti Coast District Council and partner agencies to address the issues of alcohol-fuelled violence. Over the weekend, another young man’s life was tragically cut short as a result of a fight,” he says.

Sean Strongman-Lintern, aged 20, died as a result of a stab wound in the Kāpiti Lights complex, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Solution lies with community too

The Inspector adds:”Whilst Police have an absolute role to play in keeping the community safe and preventing crime, the solution to alcohol-fuelled violence lies with the community as well.”

He says a successful meeting between Police, Kapiti Mayor Jenny Rowan and councillors was held this morning, to discuss a range of initiatives to make the Kapiti Lights complex a safer place.

Other prevention initiatives discussed this morning including improved lighting at the western end of the Kapiti Lights complex carpark and increasing CCTV surveillance. A meeting between Police, the KCDC and the Kapiti Lights complex body corporate will be held tomorrow.

Inspector Price says: “We want the community of Kapiti to be safe and feel safe. We know the community is feeling the deaths of Izak and Sean deeply.

“I want the community to be assured that Police are totally committed to working alongside the Council, partner agencies and the community as a whole, to find a solution, to ensure no more lives are taken in such tragic circumstances.”


but should only open their mouths if they have facts or actually know whats gone on the media just make up stories and make things worse,people need to just leave it alone and let the police and lawyers etc do there jobs.

kids from out of town coming to kapiti and murdering our children…provocative,emotive granted,but as a parent it is the father and mothers of both victim and accused who suffer the most,the wandering spirit of youth does not understand this until they themselves become parents and lament the challenge of parenthood.We as society,as community,are inextricably responsible for eyes in which those we raise see the world.

yea bla bla bla, thats all well and good but reality is most wayward teens have one parent ! usually the mother who is trying to be mum and dad and they get hammered from the community, ie not allowd to do this, can’t do that, then if they are a winz client they get the guilts from them, and it’s their fault or the kids fault the infrastructure or systems in place are inadequate or just stupid !
You’re not the only parent in the world, some of us have been parents more than once and been involved in the whole industry.
When faced with the reality, we really need to be straight up ! We owe it to our kids.
They are going to inherit the community we leave them, they are going to be the ones shaping this community for their kids.
What sort of a legacy are we going to leave for them ? what type of example are we going to show them ?
Lets not blame the kids or their family, lets support them, resource them, ask THEM what the problems are, and the LISTEN.

yes both families suffer not just the family of the dead the accused family suffers also,i feel for the family that has lost their loved one but there is two sides to every story and people from wgtn havn’t intentially gone to kapiti to kill others it jst happens to b that they are from down here and gone up there for a night out and this has happened but until people know the facts or they whole story they need to keep there mouths shut.

Na man, its people not opening their mouths and getting the dirt out in the open that keep the sick cycle of denial going on !!
Yes this is a trgedy for many !.

I was shocked read that these pubs can stay open until 3 am. Surly this is part of the problem. According to a quick check on the internet, pub closing times in London and the rest of the UK are somewhere between 11 pm – 11.30 pm unless a special licence has been granted for a specific event. Whoever is responsible for granting the 3 am closing time licence should seriously consider a much earlier closing time.

Yea that’s right, its the kids fault !, lets crack down on them, again, ,,, the level of this communities denial is astounding.
and they think things can change ?!, the criminals are the ones creating the problem (legislators, liquor outlets) and the police and the council (not upholding the law and not providing infrastructure or social development in our community)

but no, let’s blame the kids and come down on them, never mind that its kids from out of town coming to Kapiti and murdering our children.