A Book I Keep Recommending

Rather than continuously decline, we grow and stay at high levels of function … the best that we can be … until our time comes. Dr Roger Landry

Having a positive outlook about the future

Roger LandryBy Leslie Clague

A couple of months ago I read a book review of Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging by Roger Landry, MD, MPH. (Blush, I cannot remember where I read the review.) Perusing my public library catalogue, voila, there was the book and I put a hold on it.

Once in my possession I began a very interesting journey through the contents that has left me feeling positive about life in general and looking forward to the next chapters of my being.

I was able to get through the work quite quickly when visiting my mother, now in “end of life care” at Sevenoaks, Matai Wing. She slept through most of my visit and her road to the end has turned into a long, slow decline. I wondered, as I read, what the case would be if she had read this book a few decades back.

Using recent science to help the ageing population

Mind you, Live Long, Die Short is based on the science that has occurred in the last 20 years. Its contents didn’t quite exist as they do now, although there were/are people then, as now, following its precepts. The book also discusses lifestyle of distant ancestors that support the modern day science, rather like the new trend in Palaeolithic diets.

Roger Landry couple dancingAuthor Landry is a doctor specialising in preventive medicine. He is president of an organisation in the U.S. called Masterpiece Living. Although there is an American tone throughout the book that perhaps sounds of money-making, the contents are written in an effective, motivational style with strong advice to how we should manage ourselves.

As the world’s population ages, how it ages becomes significant. If the elderly are in decline, in need of constant care and thereby a large cost to the rest of society, it would not be considered a good thing. Alternatively, people can have the ability to lead active lives right up to the final upheaval and death, which, of course, happens to everyone.

Very good advice for anyone

Roger Landry LLDSLive Long, Die Short provides 10 tips on lifestyle, backed by medical research, which can lead to a positive ‘Third Age.’ Interestingly, many people I know in Kapiti, now in their ‘Third Age,’ naturally follow the 10 tips, or at least several of them. The book also provides methodologies for incorporating the tips into your life.

Although probably of interest to people approaching retirement and or adjusting into retirement, the book would not be a bad read earlier in life. It should also be of interest for people working in the retirement community business.

Live Long, Die Short was published this year by Greenproof Book Group Press.

There is a web site: www.livelongdieshort.com.

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