Labour Stalwart In Kapiti Makes Last-Ditch Appeal For The Party To Actually Do Something

Long-time Labour supporter, local historian Anthony Dreaver says:

“I’m a long time and enthusiastic contributor to the party.

“However, I’m hearing nothing at all from NZLP  spokespeople about the aims and work of the  Despicable Troika now in power.

“Why aren’t we hearing our leader and all his surviving MPs speaking out about the foreshadowed actions against gun control, smoking, road safety, relationship teaching, tenants, wage workers, Māori, …….. ?

“I’m waiting with real keenness to hear from them, whether in the House or by media interview or in newspaper interviews, but nothing … nothing … nothing.

Don’t say that our representatives have to take time to regroup.

They  must be out there giving a lead.

Let’s give it a little more time. I

f there’s no sign of life I see no point in continuing my contributions – they’re not huge, as I’m not wealthy, but they are given with passion.

Anthony Dreaver

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