England Leads The World…With Crooks, says the Editor

I lived in the UK for 20 years and constantly amazed by the number of crooks I dealt with.

I know you might say ‘it akes one to know one,’ but take this example of bare-faced robbery.

When I worked at Independent Television News (ITN) in the 1970’s, the boss got a big new colour tv.

The firm had quite a big security staff, who were supposed to check everybody from a desk by the front door.

It was pretty quiet in the early afternoons as most staff headed to a pub or cafe.

Anyway, this particular afternoon, two men in white dustcoats walked into the bosse’s

office, picked up the new set and walked out the front door with it.

I’m ashamed to say most of the journalists thought it was a hell of a joke.

As a colonial, it certainly opened my eyes.

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