Health Action Kapiti Home Help Questionnaires Now at Pharmacies

Questionnaires Health Action Kapiti is sending to those who responded to Kapiti Grey Power about Home Care visits are now available at Raumati Pharmacy, Unichem Waikanae Pharmacy and Ihakara Pharmacy.

The Health Action Kapiti Chairperson Roger Booth says the response by those who have had Home Care or are associated with those having such visits, as a result of Grey Power and media requests, ‘has not been huge.

But it unfortunately it has indicated that a good number of people have found aspects of delivery unsatisfactory. 

Mr Booth says: ‘We now need specific details to pursue improvements, but more responses either expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the delivery would ensure a wider picture of the situation.’

‘Those who have responded by email or by phoning Grey Power are in the process of receiving questionnaires. ‘But we are now requesting two things to others out there who need to respond  –   

  • If it is suitable, please come into one of the pharmacies above and fill in a questionnaire
  • Unfortunately many who currently receive Home Care are not online, or read papers, or are unable to fill in returns.  If you know someone who has Home Care, but would be unable to respond to this survey, please do so for them.  Please contact Kapiti Grey Power (PO Box 479, Paraparaumu 5254,, or phone 04 902 5680)

Roger Booth says that all details will be kept confidential.  He also says that it is important that Health Action Kapiti hear from both satisfactory and unsatisfactory situations to give a balanced picture. 

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