Paraparaumu Board Urges KCDC to Junk the Gateway

The Paraparaumu Community Board has asked the Kapiti Coast District Council to stop work on the Te Uruhi Gateway at MacLean Park and abandon the project, says Guy Burns, Deputy Chair of the Community Board. A report from Alison Law. project manager, says the original cost was $4.4 million. This had risen to $ 7.8 million by 2022. And this year the figure has gone up again to $8.4 million. “Most elected members of Council pledged to stop the Gateway Project during their election campaigns as a strategy to win popular public opinion,’ he says. ‘These Councillors will have a chance to fulfil these pledges in a few weeks, when they meet to make a decision regarding terminating this ill-thought-out project. ‘The Te Uruhi Gateway development was the brainchild of the former Mayor(K Gurunathan). Just as he has gone to pasture, so must the Gateway be put to grass. This misguided vision has never had the majority backing of the Kapiti Community. ‘ If Councillors break their election promises and continue the Project, the construction costs, and long term staff and maintenance expenses will further contribute to rate rises.’
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