Op-Ed- How Labour Just Won The Next Election

Editor Alan Tristram says the Labour Party has just moved in time to win the next election.

It faces huge problems but the new leader has the ability and ‘mongrel’

streak to win.

Old friends — a Daily Mail photo of Jacinda and Chris taken in Hyde Park, London,16 years ago,

With the help of long-standing friends like Jacinda, Grant Robertson, and Casrmel Sepuloni, Chris Hipkins has the energy and ability to tackle the huge problems facing Labour.

He’ll start by tossing overboard policies which are ‘woke’ but won’t win the election.

All this is no criticism of Jacinda Ardern. She has been inspirational and exceptional. But every human being has their limit.

So now, it’s over to ‘Ginger’ Hipkins, the boy from the Hutt.

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