Op-Ed – Why Our Libraries Fail The People

Editor Alan Tristram says the Kapiti libraries are failing to carry out their civic duties.

Paraparaumu Library – closed to scholars and the lonely.

Alan says the very restricted hours over Christmas and January mean local people no longer have a place to study, to go to for reading and socialisation, and to pass the time.

He points out the KCDC managed to keep swimming pools functioning — why not libraries.

Alan says a recent book ‘Lost In Thought by Zena Hitz stresses the vital role of the scholar who pursues study for its own sake.

He asks: ‘Has the KCDC and the library managers given any thought at all for the vital need to keep libraries open for the scholars.

‘And the many lonely people, not madly into sport, who need a place to go to see other people and fulfil their various interests.

‘Surely, if it’s good enough to keep the pools open, it’s vital the libraries keep the doors open!

‘Why aren’t our elected representatives keeping a watch on the interests of all local people?

‘Not everyone ‘wants to live and read online!’

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