Te Uruhi Gateway Could Be Shut By New Council Move

A ‘Notice of Motion’ for the next Kāpiti Coast Council meeting could see all work stop on the controversial Te Uruhi/Gateway project.

Cr Liz Koh’s motion for the meeting on Thursday, November 24, has been seconded by Cr Michael Halliday — and is supported by Councillors Glen Cooper, Jocelyn Prvanov and Nigel Wilson.

 The Notice of Motion says: ‘That the Kāpiti Coast District Council rescind and revoke all prior resolutions and amendments relating to the Kāpiti

Island Gateway – Te Uruhi project; (see list of resolutions as supplied by KCDC as Under Standing Orders clause 23.1(b))

2.  And further moves to request the Chief Executive to withdraw all resource consent applications relating to the project;

3. And further moves the Chief Executive to instruct staff and contractors to cease all work on progressing the Kapiti Island Gateway – Te Uruhi project.

The Council has 10 councillors, so the move only needs the support of one more councillor.

Mayor Holborow’s position

Mayor Janet Holborow is committed to the project and so presumably is her deputy,Cr Lawrence Kirby.

Cr Koh’s motivation

But, as Cr Koh explains: ‘I have put the motion on behalf of the community.

‘It became obvious during the election campaign that there is very little support for it.

‘I don’t wish to make any presumptions about how my fellow ‘Councillors will vote, however quite a number of them mentioned during their campaigns that they do not support the project. 

‘I have no idea how the Mayor will vote but I’m sure the community will take great interest in her response to the motion.

‘Stopping this project will improve the community’s perceptions of Council, and free up resources for other community projects.’

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