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Council warns public to be cautious near Civic Building site

 By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast District Council is warning the public of possible hazards around the demolition site at the controversial Council HQ in Paraparaumu.

The Council is asking the public to be ’extra careful’ entering and leaving Iver Trask Place next to the Civic HQ over the next few days.

Group manager Community Services Tamsin Evans says work related to the renovation of the Civic Building is going on on both sides of the entrance way off Rimu Road.

Heavy trucks are moving demolition material from the Civic building site and on the other side of the road, adjacent to Kapiti Primary School, a new transformer is being installed.

She adds: “The site is being well managed but people still need to take care.

“There is a lot going on at the moment but once the demolition material has been cleared and the transformer installed, things will quieten down.

“In the meantime we are are asking people to be patient, aware and extra careful.”

However,Ms Evans says, the Paraparaumu Library is still operating and so is the Novella café next door.



Glad to see KCDC is actually acknowledging it is a demolition site – the building has been demolished not upgraded. Oh, and a couple of us found one of the culprit birds nests lying forlornly on the ground by a demolition vehicle – I guess now we all know what to do if we have a bird or mouse problem in the house, or if we need an extra loo, tear the house down and rebuild!

I do note that the Council Annual Report for 2010/11 states that the upgrade includes recladding of the south wall. I know we are wanting transparency, but……..won’t this leave the staff a tad exposed? Just goes to show that those of us lacking in experience and skills know when the wool is being pulled over our eyes even if our elected representatives don’t!