Coffee on Rosetta

New cafe gets nod from Luwak

By the Luwak

I think Rosetta Café has changed hands again (It has — Ed).

The outdoor area has been modernised with a huge new sail canvas and some rather comfortable outdoor chairs.

And there’s a sign outside advertising Supreme coffee, like a beacon shining in the dark. I love Supreme coffee!

I was talking to a barista the other day who said that the suppliers of Supreme coffee will monitor a cafe’s usage and when it’s time, will come and give the coffee machine a good clean. And a clean coffee machine is another facet of a great coffee.

So there we were at Rosetta Café on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The cabinet was a bit bare and not at all colourful, but maybe they’d had a busy lunch time.

The coffee however, was very nice. Thick and creamy, good strength and not at all bitter. Ah at last, a café that I can walk to from home that does good coffee … and I’m hoping the next one will be just as good!