Mandy Hager’s Column

Does the ‘Pots and Pans’ revolution have a message for us?

By Mandy Hager

It’s hard to know if John Key and his cronies understand the direness of the global situation. Either way, it’s scary.

If they don’t, the next three years will see them sitting on their hands, trying to operate in a world where the goal posts are fast changing, pushing the same old hackneyed neo-liberal economic policies that got us all into this imploding mess in the first place.

They’ll plough money into roads when peak oil will eventually make our excessive use of cars and trucks redundant; continue to cut back on social spending until the foundations of our civil society are so under-pressure we will explode with the kind of desperate riots seen in Britain last year; and pillage our environment with their fossil-fuel mentality until it is so degraded that our wellbeing (plus our tourism and our ability to feed and support ourselves) will collapse.

If they do understand that the global financial and business bubbles are about to burst, coupled with climate change and the inevitable food and resource shortages and conflict that will ensue, then it would appear that they have decided to milk the proverbial cow until she drops down dead. This, I fear, is the more likely scenario.

‘Like the Michael Faye’s’

Like the Michael Faye’s of previous years, I believe we’ll see these men snatch as much wealth and advantage as they can before the ship sinks – leaving us to flounder in the icy seas. Heaven help us all.

The only bright spot in this whole mess is the rise of awareness sweeping the globe that things have to change — financially, environmentally, and in addressing the widening gap between the ‘have’s and have-not’s’.

I recently met a woman from Iceland who told me of her country’s ‘pots and pan’ revolution — an inspiration to all of us who are currently feeling powerless as we see the mess this group of men are binding us into.

Icelandic women took action

The women of that country rose up against their corrupt, embezzling leaders: for two weeks non-stop they banged pots and pans outside their Parliament until, finally, their leaders stood down.

Then they elected a new leader (a woman, hurrah!) whose first job was to confiscate the obscene amounts of money these men had stolen from their country’s coffers – which she redistributed to the poor people who were having their homes repossessed by greedy banks.

It’s a story of non-violent resistance – of ordinary people having the guts to stand up and take a stand. We have forgotten our own personal power to bring about change for good — and we don’t like making waves. It’s nice to have a recent example to re-inspire and activate us. Nice to have proof that good can prevail. We must be brave and fight for what is right.

Whether John Key and his government have a plan or not, it’s up to us to insist that we walk a more ethical and sustainable path, and to set the agenda instead of waiting for the ship to sink with all of us on board.

Mandy who do you know that actually understands ‘the direness of the global situation’ ?
Because if you think anyone on the political left do, then you are clearly delusional.
Lets look at Labours last election ‘promises’ of making Kiwi Saver compulsory.
First Kiwi Saver is dependent on growth. I am sure you or even the Green party understand this ? Growth is dependent on energy, as you know energy = oil, as far as most activities that keep humans alive at the moment. There is nothing on this planet that can fill the gap. Which clearly the Greens and Labour do not understand. Or they understand but would rather lie about it?
I’m tossing up between utter evil bastards or insane fools?

So Kiwi Saver = hackneyed neo-liberal economic policies, and the left is as deep in it as the far right.
Or maybe I missed the press release from the Greens saying how destructive to the environment fractional reserve banking is. But no, what we got from your mate Norman was how a vote for the Greens will save you big bucks over the next 45 years on your Kiwi Saver account. ‘ By running it through Kiwi bank.
Clearly if the leader of the Greens doesn’t understand that for a 25 yo to retire in 45 years, with a retirement fund in the black, the population of the planet would have to be something like 9 – 10 billion, burning the equivalent of 6 cubic kilometres of oil each year, and ‘it’ would still have to be growing.
They all are ignoring their own advice

You are also delusional if you think ‘we’ can all get a larger slice of the global pie via this so called global ‘awakening’ , it wouldn’t matter if we had Mother Teresa running the planet, Peak Oil heralds peak everything, except suffering. There is just not enough ‘stuff’ left to give everyone any more than they currently have, in fact we can look forward to at least an annual lose of around 10% of personal wealth …. if we are lucky.
According to one of the worlds more positive so called ‘in the know’ organisations – the International Energy Agency, we face an at least 9% decline from about this year? And this is the organisation that has been quoted to me, and all of New Zealand via TV 3 saying that we will not be affected by Peak Oil until 2030 – 37 and this quote from Trevor Mallard, though I have a letter from Gerry Brownlee confirming the same (2030+) crap, the scary thing is his was dated 2010.
So yeah the ship hit the ice burg around 1880, we are all locked in steerage, yet people still want to debate new roads and what is the most popular new baby name.
ho hum.

And I include Key and his ‘cronies’ as a bunch of clowns as well.

Oh Roy, don’t forget is always get darker before it goes pitch black.

You must be one of those very negative and mindless Labour Party supporters.
Take heart, things are as never as black as they may appear!