Good News for Faafoi

Labour’s Kris Faafoi bucks trend by increasing his vote in Mana

By Alan Tristram

Kris Faafoi, the sitting Labour MP, increased his lead  over National’s Hekia Parata in the Labour heartland of Mana — he got 14,744 votes to M s Parata’s 12, 887.

This is a margin of 1857 for Faafoii over Parata, well up on his previous margin of 1406 in the October byelection last year which brought him into Parliament for the first time.But in the Party vote for Mana, Labour did less well on 11,496, which National exceeded easily with 12,439.

Greens did well with 3864. NZ First received 1535 Party voltes.

It says something for Mr Faafoi’s personal popularity and work in the electorate that he was able to retain his seat with an increased majority when Labour candidates were suffering so badly in other electorates.


Good on you Kris.
Now could you please answer my question about Kiwi Saver?
Labour were proposing to make this scam compulsory. As a labour MP I hope you are up to speed on KS, and will be able to answer my questions.
Again for your benefit
With all global indicators saying we are passed the age of growth, and that we are passed the point of peak oil extraction, and that we face a massive decline in the global energy supply as soon as 2012 (see Parliamentary paper dated October 2010 ).
AND as the International Energy Agency has stated, if ‘we’ maintain growth at 3-4% in a business as usual scenario, the planet will face warming of 3.5 to 6 degrees warming above pre industrial by 2035 – 2050.
As a thinking person, surly you can work out that this is not a good look, especially for most of your relations living inches above sea level.
If you can’t answer this question as a labour MP (party rules etc), how about answering it as an honest caring person, who doesn’t wish to lie to people.
To maintain KS we must kill the environment for the children, this clashes with your statement “I believe all children should receive the opportunity to have a quality education.”
Or maybe it is you that needs the education? –
Looking forward to some informed debate from you over the next 3 years.

Majority should go up with specials to be counted as a majority went to Kris at the By election. Congrats to Jan Logie too as Parata targeted Jan with some patronising comments during the campaign.