Sorry to be always posting on this blog, it is a shame more people don’t use this website to express their opinion and thoughts.
Anyway, from the spirit of the above comic, and the suggestion that we read Mandy’s very anti right column, before we vote, suggests KIN thinks Labour, the Greens or maybe the Maori party are going to do better over the next 3 years.
Remember I hold them all in contempt.
How would New Zealand look now, if we hadn’t borrowed $300 million a week for god knows how long? I’m not an economist so haven’t a clue, but I’m sure National would not have a 50% approval rate if they hadn’t ‘borrowed’ our economy into the black 😉
If you have been following the thread of my comments, and maybe read, watched, or listened to the links I’ve posted here over the months, then you would understand it wouldn’t matter if we had Mother Teresa as the Prime Minister, no one can stop the inevitable crash of our energy supply. So with that thought we should all be voting for a party that understands what sort of austerity measures we will need to impalement, or at least one that doesn’t promote scams that do more damage and are hopelessly dependent on energy to survive i.e. Kiwi Saver.
Alas there isn’t a party like that at the moment, all of them are ignoring the elephant in the garage – Peak Oil. They are all painting happy happy pictures, if you vote for them you will get – no assets sales, a brighter future, 100,000 green jobs, $15.00 ph, etc, etc.
Over the next few short years we are going to see a shortfall of at the least 10% of the global energy supply, that is if we maintain the global supply chains, if not then New Zealand faces rationing and massive unemployment, this soon to be future is unavoidable, and will probably become reality in this next term of government, that is regardless of which bunch of clowns we have in Wellington.
Labour have a plan for rationing but National could use it I guess?
Unfortunately if a party did come out and tell the truth no one would vote for them, I proved that when I stood for mayor (thank god). People would rather believe paying into a ponzie savings scam that has zero grantee, is actually going to pay out in the next 40 od years.
So have a great day on Saturday, but don’t forget it is pointless.