A Water Metre

A Poem to Jenny

By Whim Whack


Jenny rowan Jenny rowan

it seems you have growen


and quite autocratic


You and your mates

have put up our rates

and now you think

we’ll pay for a drink

of the water we own

oh what arrogance you’ve



6500 Kapiti Coasters can’t be wrong. Ask Us First Petition signers are angry about water meters. Many of us can’t afford to put food on the table now. Let alone pay MORE for the water we use.

Heres a joke : Q- How do you know the mortgage is in arreas? A – Because the cars got a warrant and the regos up to date.

Q – How do you know the car rego and warrant has expired? A – Because the mortgage is paid. No it’s not a joke is it. Welcome to 2011 for 99.9% of us.

I think you will find Ann Chapman that the poet has indeed a name posted, Whim Whack.

I assume from your statement youwill be providing a break down of costs that you know we pay now for our water ?

I also assume you find it appropriate to act as a trustee or dictator and not an elected representative of the people once one has gone through the election process ? regardless of what you had campaigned for ?!

From the Editor: I can assure Ann and Jill that whim Whack is not a coward. But am happy that the poet has a pseudonym.
And I suggest the critics find a sense of humour. Mind you, the folks who were assured water meters were off the agenda, don’t seem to think things are too funny.
Alan Tristram, Editor

Unnecessary and cowardly. To write such abuse without identifying yourself is the act of a coward.

And you pay already for that drink of water. Some more than others.

I think that Whim Whack should identify him/herself. It feels cowardly to me to hide behind a pseudonym when taking such a crack at Mayor Rowan. Whatever you feel about Jenny Rowan’s views, she makes them in the public arena and has to take what’s coming to her. The least her critics can do is to be equally open as to who they are.