Fran Wilde replies

No ‘Plan’ but public needs to consider future regional governance, says GWRC chair

The chair of Wellington’s  Regional Council, Fran Wilde, has replied to charges by Chris Turver (see story below) that the public is being kept in the dark about plans for a Super Council to run the region.

Ms Wilde has told the Kapiti Independent that she and a group of local politicians have published a paper that “we hope will get people thinking and talking about the future of our region.

“Ideas are welcome but we recommend that people read the discussion paper before jumping to conclusions!”

Ms Wilde adds:”I am not sure what Chris Turver’s agenda is but there is no “plan” for anything.

“As you know, the Mayoral Forum engaged PWC  (PricewaterhouseCoopers ) two years ago to undertake a review of governance in the region.

“More recently the forum also commissioned Martin Jenkins to put together some material that could be used for public consultation.”

Ms Wilde also explained the present position  on the proposals: “The Mayoral Form recently decided not to take the issue any further so a group of Wellington local government reps (actually more than just regional councillors) decided that there needed to be a public discussion on the issue.”

And she says they hope this will now get people thinking and discussing the region’s future.

(Editor’s note: If you want a copy of the discussion paper, email us and we will tell you how to get one)



On June 22nd 2011, on behalf of Kapiti Grey Power, I lodged a submission to GW on the Regional Governance of Wellington proposal they had released, and asked to be heard if there was to be a Hearing.
A letter from GW thanked me for the submission and informed me that submissions would be analysed, and if a Hearing was to be held I would be informed.
Since then I haven’t heard anything from GW regarding the Kapiti Grey Power submission.
Therefore, I was surprised to read that ‘the Mayoral Forum recently decided not to take the issue any further’ in GW.Chair, Hon Fran Wilde’s message above.
Is the Mayoral Forum the tail that wags the Greater Wellington Regional Council Dog?
From ordinary courtesy submitters should get a reply to a submission…is it any wonder that people in the region are choked off from participating in the many rounds of consultation?
Irrespective of the Mayoral Forum’s view, the regional community need to know what kind of Governance is in store for us, the form it will take,and the cost. So some credit has to be given to the group of Regional Councillors who have started the discussion by putting forward a proposal on Regional Governance.
Let’s remember BIG is not CHEAPER, it is stronger.

Kapiti watch out, I well remember what happened to Wainuiomata in 1989. As deputy Mayor, with the Mayor, Town Clerk and Former Hutt County Chair I went to the District Court for a judicial revue of the re-organisation process, which got us nowhere, and Wainuiomata had a shot gun wedding with Hutt City.

Fran Wilde’s carefully worded response overlooks the fact that she and other Wellington-based regional councillors have developed a plan which is well-advancedcould that Kapiti’s 50,000 residents could lose control of their own future within two years.

They want a Wellington Super Council with one Kapiti representative, the dissolution of district councils including Kapiti’s, and the creation of lower level Community Councils in each district.

Wellington would make all major infrastructure and funding decisions.

In fairness there could be some sensible benefits from that including a rational approach to future water supplies – but the other side of the coin is that the loudeswt squeaky wheel gets the most oil and Kapiti’s voice could be drowned.

This is more than a proposal – it’s a very clear agenda set by Wellington!

It’s authors believe that if we don’t fall into line and build a stronger and more unified region, the next government will step in and “do an Auckland” on us. That is for the people of the region to decide and we need to have a strong voice of our own.

Please take up the offer of Kapiti Independent News and read it, make your own mind up, and
share your views.

Chris Turver