The HikersWool story

Sandra Smith says … the word for HikersWool spread and with the advent of a new Website Hikerswool was suddenly available worldwide.

Dealing with the blister problem

About 18 years ago Brian Tonks (newly retired) was beavering away in his shed a.k.a. “The Workshop”, trying to expand on the idea of using natural wool to prevent blisters caused by friction.

As a keen tramper, Brian had often been the recipient of a painful blister.

He was working with a bag of wool and a hand carder.

He laboriously carded each piece of wool in a way he had devised so that it was not easy to poke your toe through it.

Here began the journey of HikersWool.

From the workshop to the nation

Brian produced HikersWool, he packed it and he marketed it. He traipsed the country selling it to sports stores and sold it at markets.

Small beginnings but eventually came the time when he was selling too much of it to make each piece by hand so he found someone who could process the wool on a special machine to his high specifications.

This process gives us a perfect product – natural wool retaining its lanolin and carded to give a strong but soft cushion for the foot.

Placing HikersWool next to the skin prior to pulling on a sock gives protection for that “hot spot” and will prevent a blister from forming.

The word gets round

Gradually the word for HikersWool spread and with the advent of a new Website HikersWool was suddenly available worldwide.

HikersWool country!

It is now used (and shared) on the likes of

  • Camino Walk
  • the Kokoda Trail
  • the Appalachian trails
  • over hills, valleys and tracks here at home.

Oh, and also on the trek down to the corner dairy.

Thanks to Brian, HikersWool has come a long way.

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