Kiwi Legends Stir Public Response

Tina Cross says this is a truly great example for the rest of New Zealand to up the performing arts game in their communities.

Top performers star for the Kapiti Centre

The generosity of six legendary New Zealand musicians to perform charitably to help raise both funds for and the profile of the awaited construction of the Kapiti Performing Arts Centre has made a lot of businesses and prospective audience members take note.

Why would Ray Woolf, based in Manganui in the Far North, Tina Cross and Dennis Marsh from Auckland, and Paul Ubana Jones from Canterbury bother about Kapiti’s building project?  Why are they due here on June 30 to join Wellington’s Sam Manzanza and local Andrew London to sing for our cause?

This is a truly great example for the rest of New Zealand to up the performing arts game in their communities,’ was how Tine Cross described the project In the Sunday News last week.  ‘It’s important to remember too’, she said, ‘that we entertainers had support in our early days.’

Giving their time and talent for free

Kevin Miilne

The six musicians, the hosts Kevin Milne and Rebekah Codlin, sound man Ross McDermott, the staff of Southward Theatre and the organisers are all putting charitable input into this venture.  Southward Theatre is supplied without charge.

Accommodation providers Finn’s, Elliotts and Raumati Sands, printers Precise Print, Graphic Garage, Levin Party Hire, Ruth Pretty, Della Randall Real Estate, Howard and Co Real Estate, Beach FM, have all rallied round in different ways.

And even Ray Woolf’s little dog Bindy, who has travelled with Ray and his wife Chrissie all around New Zealand for twelve years, has found suitable accommodation while Ray is here.  Most accommodation baulk a bit at travelling pets, but a kind Wellington couple have provided a holiday house for Ray’s contingent for a few days.

Pleasing public response

And the public? According to The Law Office of Polly A. Tatum,  tickets are selling very quickly.  Two weeks out, after last weekend, three-quarters of the tickets were gone.  ‘If you leave this one to the last minute’, says spokesperson Roger Booth, ‘you are sadly going to miss out’.

It appears that one of the drawcards’, Booth explains, ‘is the range of different styles in this show.  This may not be a set of performers that teenagers would know much about, although Country and Western’s Dennis Marsh has younger followers with that variety of musical interest.  But this district has more senior citizens than most others in the country, and most of our middle aged to senior citizens would be kidding if they pretended they didn’t know Tina Cross and Ray Woolf.  They got to know them forty years ago.’

Andrew London

‘Paul Ubana Jones is the quality instrumentalist – a guitarist with an international reputation, and with a CV including playing alongside the likes of BB King, Bob Dylan and Crowded House.’

‘Sam Manzanza, a superb drum player from the Congo, also performs on the harp and guitar, and there is an absolute guarantee that Sam will have his audience drumming on every available sounding board, such as the Southward floor, and dancing in the aisles.’

‘Andrew London may be the youngest, the only local, and the less nationally known, but we all know this ultra-versatile musician, who composes and writes lyrics for fun.’

‘Don’t miss them, folks, Join them, says Booth.  ‘But don’t leave that decision too long’.


Kiwi Legends in Concert’, Saturday June 30.  Tickets at


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