DoC: Stop Killing Birds!

Conservation Minister and Green MP Eugenie Sage announced the Budget gain of $81.3 million package over four years today, saying it was one element of what would be a “major boost” in conservation funding in next Thursday’s Budget. She said it would help ensure endangered wildlife was protected on a sustained basis over more than 1.8 million hectares – about the size of the North Island from Auckland up. Claire Trevitt, NZ Herald, 12 May 2018

Green Minister of Conservation, Eugenie Sage

More money for 1080

By Roger Childs

It is a supreme irony that a party that calls itself “Green” is committed to poisoning the land.

The Conservation Minister is delighted with the increase in budget cash for her portfolio, but tragically much will be spent on poisons to kill birds, dogs, cats, cattle and insects, as well as some rats, possums and stoats.

There is talk of developing alternative forms of predator control, but the end of the disastrous 1080 programmes has not been signaled.

As the fourteen quotations below testify, 1080 kills birds and doesn’t save them.


1080 disastrous for birds

On the 1080 front, the battle to save the birds seems more like a mad scientist experiment to kill off every living thing, including birds, in our environment. 1080 also Kills People !  Dr Charlie Baycroft

Or the time we went and poisoned a farm block… in the middle of this farm there was a block of native bush, birds deafening you with their songs of life. We pre-baited it and two weeks later poisoned it. I went back to load fresh poison and it wasn’t hard to notice the eery silence – no birds at all. Former DoC poisoner, Graeme Shelford

One client described to me how he used to hunt in the Lewis Pass and a week after a drop he returned to find dead birds everywhere. The forests were silent. You could not hear one bird, he said. Recent immigrant, Louise Watson

I could go through all the evidence for birds being killed by 1080 but DOC will take no notice of that.  It is well known that kea eat the pellets directly. Plenty of hawks are seen eating possums killed on the road. If these possums have recently eaten 1080 then the hawks will die of secondary poisoning.

In my early years in Nelson Lakes National Park, I spent a lot of time on the tops. It was quite common for flocks of 20 or more kea circling above us.

As 1080 drops became prevalent kea numbers reduced dramatically. For about twenty five years we did not see a single kea. The continued wide scale dropping of 1080 authorised by DOC is directly responsible for killing huge numbers of these birds to the point where there is great concern over the number actually remaining. Ian Bradford, Nelson Lakes

Since 2008, 155 kea have been monitored during 10 1080 operations. Of which 20 (13%) died after the toxin drop. DoC figures quoted in The Press 2015

I’ve seen 1080-ed areas which were like a morgue, deathly and devoid of bird life or any life for that matter, whereas neighbouring valleys not poisoned, were fine. Tony Orman, environmentalist and journalist

Twelve months previously while camped on the shore of Lake Wilmot in the Upper Pyke Valley, we had been deafened by birdsong at 10 o’clock at night, just on dark. Twelve months later it was just completely silent.  (In the intervening period the area had been poisoned with 1080.) A hunter’s testimony to Fiona McQueen, author of The Quiet Forest The Case Against Aerial 1080.

While DoC argues that bird populations bounce back after 1080 drops, everyone else I have spoken to say they do not recover as quickly as possum stoat and ferret populations.Terry Brownbill, English Investigative journalist

I have spoken to lots of Pest Board ex workers and some have come clean and told me of killing hundreds of quail with 1080 carrots and oats here in Marlborough. Lloyd Hanson

This product is toxic to wildlife. Birds and mammals feeding on carcasses of contaminated animals may be fatally poisoned. On the label of 1080 packages

Sadly it is very destructive meaning that many birds and insects are rare in NZ where they used to proliferate, some only remain on farms believe it or not.  Farms where 1080 has not been used. Eloise Mitchell, Tasmanian Times

A mainland 1080 drop takes place and 80% to 95% of the pests are killed plus 20% to 50% of the native bird population as well. Kerry Roil, Tasmanian Times

The shock for me was that New Zealand uses 90% of the world’s supply of 1080. It has been banned in almost every country and is only used in the state of Wyoming in the U.S. (to battle coyotes) and here in our ‘pristine’ land.

The other horror is that animals, birds, insects ingesting 1080 die a slow, excruciating death.

The game plan seems to be to kill off all life in our forests and then re-introduce those native birds raised in Forest and Bird sanctuaries, back into the wild. American born, retired library manager, Leslie Clague

There was a family of kea parrots living on the Karamea Bluff Road at the time of the first aerial 1080 poisoning. They disappeared after that. I was not the only one to notice. Scientist Jim Hilton



Having read this article I felt compelled to join the chorus (not bird chorus, there being few left here after the recent 1080 drop) but I know the editor would have to remove my comments if I said what I really feel about these Nazis. I think that is the right word for exterminators?
Personally, I have no time for this Supposed Green Party or the idiots who staff DOC. I wonder if the employee who shot the Takahe, mistaking it for a Pukeko, and the staff member who forgot to remove the tape from last month”s newly released Kiwi that consequently died, are still working for this killing machine.
Besides killing native birds here in Turangi, DOC have a campaign to kill the native wasp. If you walk the river bank you will see many recently dug holes with white DOC markers and handfuls of white poison all around them. Watching this going on I asked the DOC poisoner why he was doing this and was told that they are a nuisance. I guess I just dont understand what being ‘Green’ really means.

okay Bill, great that you’ve taken the time to voice your opinion however I’m wondering what your alternatives are to 1080.

DoCs (ZIP) new scheme of saving birds is to give the birds two prefeeds of non toxic baits, to get them used to it then give them a double dose of toxic baits followed up with more prefeeds and an ordinary dose of toxic baits an easy way to get rid of $80 odd million, six helicopter flights to kill all the birds in one area, a nuclear bomb would do the same job and only one fixed wing needed. How on earth can the Green Party claim to be Green when they are more than happy to blitz NZ with a super toxin. Green my arse! Lew

Perhaps Eugene Sage would like to inform the public just why the original dead albatross chick being permanently online at Dunedin was switched with another birds chick leading to the original chicks mother killing the “intruder” online!
Be very careful in your reply Eugene as the switch has been noted and recorded!


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