Mid Week Quiz No. 121 Answers


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  • Answers below.



  1. Which metal has the highest melting point? (tungsten)


  1. Name the tennis player who is known as the “King of Clay”. (Rafael Nadal)


  1. Cox’s Bazar is a city located in which Asian country? (Bangladesh)


  1. Aphonia is the loss of speech, vision or language? (speech)


  1. Lydia Ko 2018 Lake Merced, San Francisco

    What product results from the mixing of chlorine and sodium? (salt)


  1. Lydia Ko’s recent golfing victory was on a course in which city? (San Francisco)


  1. In what year was a ceasefire called in the Korean War? (1953)


  1. Which New Zealand city has a suburb called Aranui? (Christchurch)


  1. What is the French equivalent of the German word putsch? (coup d’état)


  1. What issue did the film Spotlight focus on? (sexual abuse in the Catholic Church)




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