English’s Failed Leadership

Time to build a better New Zealand

By Kris Faafoi 

This is an election year. We face an important choice about our future and the country we want to build.

On one side, we have Bill English, who has shown a lack of leadership on everything from Pike River to the Mt Albert by-election to Trump’s Muslim Ban.

National is out of ideas and out of touch on the issues affecting middle New Zealand – the housing crisis, underfunded hospitals, schools facing funding cuts.

Fix housing: support schools and hospitals

On the other side, we have a positive alternative Labour-led government that will fix the housing crisis, support our hospitals and schools, and pay down Bill English’s record debt.

Andrew Little is showing that leadership is about standing up for justice and for Kiwi values, no matter what.

Andrew Little’s vision

Andrew Little’s State of the Nation speech told us how his journey through cancer, and his hopes for his son, drive his determination to build a better New Zealand for everyone.

As he said in his speech:

‘We can make this great country a better place for all New Zealanders.

‘Housing, health, education – these are the building blocks of a prosperous society.

‘They are what create opportunity… we want a government that creates opportunity; that ensures our freedom; that lets us all have a fair share. A government prepared to play its part.’

Andrew Little and deputy Annette King

Labour’s detailed plans

And Labour has laid out detailed policies to achieve those goals:

  • Building 100,000 affordable homes for first-home buyers and banning overseas speculators
  • Reversing Bill English’s $1.7b of health cuts and ensuring people get the latest medicines
  • Funding schools properly and making three years tertiary study free.

We can do these things and run surpluses to pay down the record debt National has built up. As Andrew Little said, “Labour’s balanced the books before, and we’ll do it again.”

New Zealanders have a clear choice at this election. We can choose a tired government with no new ideas, or we can choose a new, positive vision for a better New Zealand.